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The dangerous fallacy that an assumption can lead to, such as a sexually transmitted disease, knives and getting cut, balancing the humors, a little Roman history, nerve strikes, and what you should not expect when you run from a cop.


Rory Miller Logo 3Rory Miller calls in to Martial-Secrets from Tierra del Fuego or outside of a Mexican Restaurant – you never know, and introduces us to his new book ConCom: Conflict Communication A New Paradigm in Conscious Communication. If you have ever wondered why your boss ignored a suggestion that could save millions of dollars, or why you have the same argument again and again with your spouse, the answers are here. As well as the tools to do something about it.

More on SenSMTC Cover for SMTCsei, Mentor, Teacher, Coach: Powerful Leadership for Leaderless Times. Spurred on by a listener comment on how Kris and Lawrence have used the information in their new book in the real word.  Kris tells the story of having to kick a kid out of the dojo after much, much effort on many parts. Lawrence goes all corporate and explains how throwing skilled and gifted people out front can make a difference in perception and in reality.

Sensei, Mentor, Teacher, Coach. New Book. (#128)


Sensei, MSMTC Cover for SMTCentor, Teacher, Coach: Powerful Leadership for Leaderless Times is the latest book for Kris and Lawrence.  The book focuses on actionable items that you can take directly to the dojo floor or executive board room.   The guys talk about the structure of their ideas, how it came to be over years of teaching and corporate experience, and how it got laid down on the pages in black and white.  Stories that didn’t make the book get talked about and the guys reveal how in writing the book, they called themselves out to better integrate their own ideas into their lives.

Zero Tolerance! (#127)

ZeroZero Tolerance and what it is doing to us. Lawrence bullied as a kid and how his parents solved the problem. The mind and how it can’t tell the difference between realities and make believe. The value of police and how we diminish the value of police with zero tolerance. A quick swerve into faulty safety plans and it all gets tied together by the end of the show.

Woman FightWomen making violence is on the increase.  Yup, we said it. Women are involved in public violence more and more these days. A woman involved in violence certainly is not a one off, man bites dog kind of event anymore.  Lawrence and Kris dive down into the nuts and bolts of why?  What are the driving factors?  Sometimes it’s personal, and sometimes it isn’t. We spread the blame far and deep.

West Seattle GirlA white male in his 30’s to 40’s. 5’ 11” to 6 feet tall, medium build with shoulder-length brown hair and last seen wearing a blue zip-up jacket and black jeans grab at a West Seattle teen girl.  He presents a clear and present danger to the community. Here are some things you can do to make you and yours safer and help the police as well.  The predator mind, the hunting grounds, means of being safer, groups, electronics, running to safety and calling in what you see.


If you have information about a serious crime that you want to report anonymously,
you can make tips to Crime Stoppers by using their:


Rory Miller Logo 3

Fresh off a road trip Rory takes our hands and heads down the road of violence.  What do criminals think of themselves, how to they differentiate between what they do and what outlaws do.  Does everybody think the world is collapsing?  Distorted history – or back filling to fit your agenda. How writers look at villains.  A little Eric Hoffer (and you really should look him up, here is a link to: The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements.)  And how you can satisfy the criminal, their needs and what kind of goodies you have that make you a delightful target. And by the way – no easy answers…

Marc Logo

Kris pitches a quick one at Marc right at the top of the show — workplace violence.  Marc zigs when you thing he is going to zag on the back story of workplace violence.  The reasons why the numbers for violence look the way they do, what constitutes real violence – contrary to what the scientists of the world have to say about that. And no easy answers as to where we are going to be in ten years as the lines of perceived violence and real violence are blurred by statistics, incomplete numbers, and non-realistic agendas.

Martial Secrets – 122

Lawrence opens the shoNumchucksw with a few tips for those of you that think that you have a martial arts book in you.  What you might want to consider regarding content and the two questions that he says that you need to be able to answer before you start such a project.   In the middle of the show, both Lawrence and Kris talk about how smooth is fast (and teaching slow makes the difference).  Deacon Jones! and how one man changed the NFL with a simple karate technique. Do you want to know The Kimo rules of life?  A Hawaiian Rules of life that Kris stumbled across on the web – and thought was pretty good, so a special share.  And Numkucking!

Martial Secrets – 121


The show opeDallasns with viewer mail, Lawrence talks about the shooter on the commuter train in San Francisco. The Dallas – Fort Worth airport security. A new App for your iphone/smart phone – well it is really vaporware, but a good idea. And getting kicked out of a bar and having it come back to visit you a decade later.

Marc LogoHow a pervert outside of a young girls window gets a beat down from her father and two associates.  Bernhard Goetz. A couple of items on the war of public opinion. The Oxbow Incident. The side of God and the Angels, Excited D.A. (District Attorney) and Hollywood v. the Joe Schmoe.

MA Brain 2We dive into, “Answering the Call,” as we continue our discussion with Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHCA) Jeffery and Kenji, and their findings from their research of martial artists. Oddly some famous names show up like, Carl Jung, and Joesph Campbell. Our first heroes get discussed and what that means to us, and other mind bending stuff as we shuffle through that loose leaf folder called the human mind.


Running a Martial Arts School – Part 2


Location, locationSuccessfull Dojo Part 2, location. How big of a space do you need? What kind of style and tone should you have for your professional martial arts school? Why simplicity is the best path. The horrible flood and how neighbors didn’t make a difference. Leases, short term, long term, Low rates, absentee landlords. Being poor, and being dirty.

Listener MattRunning a dojo MS 4 Pic sent in a set of questions about how to run a martial arts school. Well, Lawrence takes Kris through the paces of  location, advertising, students, how to get fired, why the YMCA is not the best solution, how health clubs compete – and how they don’t. Also a great little book recommendation that will save you from making a pile of mistakes, and save you money.

Lawrence Kane – Communication and Violence


LK Communication and ViolenceLawrence does a breakdown and teases out the ways and reasons to explain what happened in a violent encounter, what you did, why you did it, and how to do it successfully so others will understand what happened. Also how you acted in a reasonable manner. Remember this podcast does not constitute legal advice. If you are in a violent situation seek legal advice appropriate for your jurisdiction. Now the attorney is happy. Enjoy.

Lawrence Kane – Fighting To The Goal

Lawrence Kane

Lawrence Kane

Fighting to the goal. The decision to get involved in a violent altercation – or not. Knowing what your goal is (escape, restrain, stop?) The difference between pain and damage. The world famous Brave Sir Robin Defense. The difference between running away and running to safety.


Lawrence Kane Head Shot Purple

Lawrence Kane brings his insights to the basics of violence.  The intent, the means, the opportunity, and preclusion.  The IMOP protocols.  He further teases out what reasonable force truly is and why you should know what it is – for your own legal safety.  Also Lawrence touches on disparity of force, which is a double edged knife that can cut both ways.  Enjoy!

Explosive Muay Tai with Jerry Heines. Part 2 of 2


Jerry Heines 2Jerry Heines the author of Explosive Muay Thai: Beyond the Basics, and Muay Thai Fighting Strategies takes us through the breakdown of fighters and styles of fighters. Plus a little bit of training behaviors. And what conversation about Muay Thai is complete without a conversation of Tony Jaa, so we travel that road a wee bit as well.

IMG_5354Martial artist and author Jerry Heines joins us for the first part of a two part interview. Jerry has a PhD in Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics from the University of Connecticut, and has trained in Taekwondo with the World Taekowndo Federation and spent time in Judo as well. He has a video, “Defend Yourself” from Panther Productions and his books Explosive Muay Thai: Beyond the Basics, and Muay Thai Fighting Strategies are available on

David Liban

Emmy Award-winning University of Colorado Professor David Liban talks with us about his new movie, “Looking for Mr. Miyagi” David started out to arrest his midlife crisis, and chose karate as the vehicle to do so, the movie documents his endeavor. In the movie we get to see how he works with his sensei, Gary Swain.  David’s personal trainer (a MMA fighter in his own right), and how it affects his home life and marriage.   In this interview we look at his motivation, talk about films, and the process of learning.

Looking for Mr. Miyagi webpage:

The University of Colorado spotlight on David Liban




Abraham MasMaslow Needslow, A comfortable life, The orientation of the mind, Monkeys, Group Protocols, Stories, And well, tons more. Warning – you will stay up late ruminating over Rory’s words. Listen at your own risk.



Rory Miller on criminals, rights, ignorant, and stupid behavior – and a contextual refinement of Hope. Stand back as Rory take you on a ride to reshape the pablum you are fed on a daily basis. Oh, and “Violence never solved anything.” – trust us this will make sense when you listen. ADULT THEMES


You know whaMarc Animal MacYoung Fingers of Lovet makes Hannibal, and Dexter, scary?  The same thing that makes Ted Bundy, and Gary Ridgeway (The Green River Killer) scary.  Process.  Join Marc “Animal” MacYoung as he breaks down evil and the process of evil.

Marc “Animal” MacYoung – Resource Predator


Resource PMarc w Swordsredator – yup, you are nothing but a resource to the criminal. How does that distinction effect the way you are dealt with by a criminal, and how you should deal with this form of crime. You ever think of yourself as a, “Walking ATM.” as Marc calls you, or are you a sentient being with inherent rights that need to be protected?  Well, yes, and no…

Marc "Animal" MacYoung

Marc “Animal” MacYoung

After a weekend in Seattle Marc hit the Podcast airwaves to talk about Orientation, an element of threat assessment that is not worked over enough.  So Marc gives it, the ol’ breakdown.  Take a listen, take some notes, enjoy.

Datu Kelly S. Worden, Part 3 of 3 – FIN!


The last of a three part series with Datu Kelly Worden.  If you thought the last two episodes where blunt, wait until you feel the blunt force trauma that is waiting for you as Datu spells out the failures of society today and what we as people are turning into.  Plus other topics including Bruce Lee, and Master Remy Presas.

Datu Kelly S. Worden, Part 2 of 3

Kelly - the guard

The topics come fast and deep.  Kelly talks about Jesse Glover – a student of Bruce Lee.  The Military, Cops, and Teachers.  Our status as Sheepel (that is sheep and people folks) all wrapped up in American culture and self-defense.  Not one to mince his words you will find a clarity of thought and a direct purpose to his words.  Enjoy.

Datu Kelly S. Worden, Part 1 of 3


Kelly Worden

We begin by a tip of the cap to a common martial arts friend who died recently. Then Kelly talks about his martial arts background and the evolution of his art, “Natural Spirit.” Rolling with a few folks – including his family members, and the constituents of timing, distance, and other such good stuff.  Hang on people as a man with clear opinions, and the history/skills to back it up, tells you about his world.

Martial Secrets 044



Funerals, and how an event surrounding a dojo death provided a little insight, or a least an interesting idea. The dreaded phrase, “Don’t Know.” The oddly rewarding yet slightly awkward salutation of, “They say hi.” and finally the registration form, and how it is used.


Magnolia Karate

Living and training in Japan, Kobudo weapons, and much more with Mike O’Donnell. Head Instructor of Magnolia Karate, owner of Kensho Intl., (weapons and gi’s). We take a little time and talk about Japan, the life and the dojo. Different phases of life. What it takes to start a karate dojo. The challenges that people face during their training, young and old alike and of course his product line of weapons and uniforms. Mike is a solid guy – you’re going to like him.

The 100th Show


The 100th 100th BallonShow! You can call it the best of… or a Clip Show, but we put some excerpts together from the top three shows of all time with, Geoff Thompson, Clint Overland, Marc Mac Young, and several clips from other shows that we liked. Somethings are pretty serious, others fun, and others just flat out stupid acts of youth. EXPLICIT CONTENT

Martial Secrets 043


Mexican Candy and Karate. Car Jacking, and a few tips on what car jacking is and what you might want to consider. A mom with a crinkled nose. The fastest muscle in the human body – it is kind of odd, but makes sense. And and a little e-mail from an inspirational guy.

An Old Friend Gets Stitches

So an old friend had a dust up in his neighborhood.  It had been awhile coming and well, it started OK and then got bad, then a dusting of pain was added.  Take a listen as my friend Pipes lays out the details of the day and how it ends with him sticking his tongue out of the hole in his cheek.

The second half of the conversation with David Nelson the author of  Black Belt Healing. David Nelson uses both his training as a martial artist and his years of incorporating hypnotism as therapy for dealing with painful injuries into a how-to guide for martial artists.

Black Belt Healing

The greatest opponent a martial artist will face is pain. This pain might manifest itself in the form of a traumatic injury or in the chronic aches and pains that come with such a highly physical activity. Whether a martial artist can continue his practice may be determined by his ability to cope with injuries and to heal quickly. In Black Belt Healing, David Nelson uses both his training as a martial artist and his years of incorporating hypnotism as therapy for dealing with painful injuries into a how-to guide for martial artists.

The Way To Black Belt

FREE Audio Chapter 4 – Understanding Strength v. Skill

Earning a black belt can be the most rewarding experience of a lifetime, but getting there takes considerable planning. Whether your interests are in the classical styles of Asia or in today’s Mixed Martial Arts, this book prepares you to meet every challenge. Whatever your age, whatever your gender, you will benefit from the wisdom of master martial artists around the globe, who share more than 300 years of combined training experience. Benefit from their guidance during your development into a first-class black belt.

When Buddhists Attack!

When Buddhists attack!

Kris interviews Martial Artist, University Professor and Author Jeffrey K. Mann about his new book, “When Buddhists Attack, The Curious Relationship Between Zen and Martial Arts.” A top line on the life of the Buddha, Zen and Buddhism, the hodgepodge potpourri of religious views gives way to a discussion of Mushin and other aspects of the mind.  A surprise “10 questions.” Plus other topics as well.

Martial Secrets 043


Lawrence talks about his old job and how, “Hey I had that guy arrested.” fits into his past life. Then the two shift to the topic of the folks that preserve their martial art like jams on a shelf. The difference between repetition and counting, and finally – The Princes.

Martial Secrets 042


The show starts with an e-mail from listener Dave in Toronto, Lawrence and Dave have an affinity for not just hammers but a particular type of hammer. Kris goes off about how registration forms and bureaucracy are not the keys that attract and keep people coming in the door of your school. Lawrence and Kris go on about the difference, in mind set, of a consumer and a citizen and how the difference should color the way you see others and the world. Finally in Small world Big Cup Kris drops a dime on himself over an embarrassing act and how it came back to haunt him.