Here is a little trick I picked up from where I don’t know and then changed it a little bit to suit my needs. Each year, sometime in November, I write down my goals for the coming year. They are broken down into three categories: Mental, Physical and Spiritual. Then I put three things, sometimes less, but never more than three, in each category. Put it on a three-by-five card and stick it in my desk. I have been doing this for a long time. I remember at work showing the list to a co-worker and she was amazed that I did such a thing (this was around 1989) and still brings it up today when we meet for a lunch or such.

I would strongly suggest you give it a go as well. I try to make the three items specific, but I don’t restrict myself. Sometimes a general statement is fine, but you should move down through the general statement to find the core of the general statement, and create an action item you can wrap you hands around. To use an example of mine, I started with “Be More Patient,” and then moved to the question, “How is this demonstrated?” I went with, “Keep you mouth shut; the world is not going to stop turning if (insert subject).” So my card says, “Patience; be more quiet.” This list might also include something simple like, “Submit “The Little Black Book of Violence” to the publisher by September 1st 2008.”

You get the picture. I chose November to write down my yearly goals because that is when I first started; with what month are you starting?

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