I heard a guy talking about one of his professors at college who complained to the students that their papers where full of fluff. That the students spent too much effort in just filling the mandated pages.

The human mind loves complexity, but is complexity necessary? Nature builds diversity from a series of simple commands – in fact what appears to be complex is really just a compounding of simple commands.

As you may already know from reading other posts I am not the biggest fan of complexity, and especially in the martial arts. I am pretty sure that much of the martial arts is just machinations designed to titillate the mind much like a bright fishing lure to a tout.

Frankly, simplicity and efficiency go hand-in-hand (see nature once again) and I am not incline to back off from that position. Complexity breaks down and I don’t need a fragile martial arts technique, I need a simple, vigorous, dependable, go to technique.

Now here is a proof point in the world of martial arts. World famous judo champion Yamashita was famous for using O-soto gari one of the first learned and most basic throws of Judo to win:

  • 85 All-Japan Championships – Tokyo, Japan

  • 84 Olympic Games (Open) – Los Angles, CA, USA

  • 84 All-Japan Championships – Tokyo, Japan

  • 83 World Championships (+95kg) – Moscow, Russia

  • 83 All-Japan Championships – Tokyo, Japan

  • 82 All-Japan Championships – Tokyo, Japan

  • 81 World Championships (+95kg & Open) – Maastricht, Holland

  • 81 All-Japan Championships – Tokyo, Japan

  • 80 All-Japan Championships – Tokyo, Japan

  • 79 World Championships (+95kg) – Paris, France

  • 79 All-Japan Championships – Tokyo, Japan

  • 78 All-Japan Championships – Tokyo, Japan

  • 77 All-Japan Championships – Tokyo, Japan

Thanks to Neil Ohlenkamp at http://judoinfo.com/yamashita.htm for the list of championships.

Simplicity, and efficiency, that is a great mantra. So here is your challenge until the new year, some 45 days. Choose a part of your art and dive down into that aspect and find the simple core.


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