Having things unclear and not defined in an easy manner is fun for me, I like things not to be too nailed down, it is where I find the juice.

Now there are things that I am pretty sure of, and many of those have come over years of work, conversation, and research and those are good. I think it is also good that you have little in life spoon fed to you, and it is good that there are gray areas, lots of gray areas in life.

A while back I can to the conclusion that I need not have an opinion on everything. “Sensei is this form of karate better than that form of karate?” Of course, the standard answer revolves around, “The person makes the style, not the other way around.” answer and that is a acceptable answer, but is “I don’t know.” valid too? “I don’t know.” is a perfectly acceptable answer, yes it is valid. You bet it is. And I would ask any of you out there, tell me that your applications and understanding of technique from years ago doesn’t give you a snicker or two as you look back on them? “Did I really believe that?” I know I do. Heck, I shake my head in disbelief at some of the hard cold facts I was utterly convinced where done and settled. These facts where an immutable attribute of the universe, no question.

So ambiguity is OK by me. The gray areas of ambiguity are a hunting ground, and further almost all information is provisional.

Be open, be confident, and don’t be foolish.

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