I was reading one of my student’s comments that he wrote for the book, “The Way to Black Belt.” and John’s words hit a cord with me that had not been struck before.

There is an old saying, who knows where it came from, but it reads that you learn more in a loss than in a victory. I came that idea in high school while wrestling and playing football, but John’s comments reshaped something for me. John wrote, and I paraphrase; that he “Learned more from bad days in the dojo than good days.” I have to say that hit me in the sternum like a major league baseball coming off Jose Consaco’s bat circa 1992. I have to admit something – I always considered bad days, throw away days, days to get through or over and reset for the next day. Now I have to work through those days, and learn from them just like I learn from a defeat. We always say that you never stop learning in the martial arts, well I guess it just take some of us who are thicker a little longer.

Is it wrong to be looking forward to the next bad day so I can ply my new intent? Mmmm, maybe not in this instance.

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