Way back when I used to judge the importance of a friend by one simple test, did I know their phone number? Not stored in my phone, or written down, but in my head. This leads me to this simple statement. We don’t store information in ourselves anymore, and that is bad for martial arts skills. Yup, seen it on Youtube, did it once, seen it…sure, but can you do it?

Having run into this a couple of times while working some seminars it started to become a little more frequent in, say the last year, now I not getting all judgmental here, just observational. I think information is good, especially when it is transferred into wisdom. But just having information, just having seen it, just being familiar with it is not the same as ingraining it into your fiber.

Ask any person who ever wrestled, “Did you ever drill sprawls?” and the answer is going to be some form of, “Yes” follows by a grin, moan, or eye roll. But follow-up with the next question, “It worked for you right?” And the answer is, “Yes” again. They didn’t just look at the sprawl and say, “Ok, got it” coach made sure they worked it, over and over. Ask any judoka about uchikomi, ask a karateka about kihon ido. It is all the same.

So the question this, do you know the phone number of your best technique, or is it stored elsewhere.

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