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Martial Secrets 041


Lawrence begins the show with a winch inducing impression. Then Kris and Lawrence carry on to a topic that they both have experienced – and little doubt you too, called, “Big Sigh Country” Kris wants to swing a student with a broken arm at the other kid students. Lawrence talks about saving ones self from situations, guns, earthquakes and other things that might hurt you.

Martial Secrets 040

Stoopid is as Stoopid does when it comes to crime.  How a young man, using his monkey brain tainted his future over absolutely nothing. Chastising of a Mom, and the calling out of a punky little kid.

Martial Secrets 039

Dude! If you don’t have fear. Good Practice, Road House! Ed Begley, Jr., and writing back.

Martial Secrets 038

Martial Secrets Special: Crime Breakdown. This show is entertaining, sad, funny, and we hope, educational.

Martial Secrets 037

In this episode, Hardcore History, Don’t Hit Yourself,  Bein’ and Meetin’, and a classic sucker punch moment that we like to call  –  “No but he does.”

Martial Secrets 036


Caveman Kitchen and camouflage clothing. The Greatest Martial Artist ever. Touch your toes. And the most popular kid in school. – well not really.

Not enough can be said about Stuart Williams. The old saying goes, “Still waters run deep.”  and so does Stuart. So here is an interview that Stuart put together…we talk about little things like, unfocused living, redemption, service, opening doors, short comings, you know the little stuff.  Hope you enjoy.  The video is located here:

Enjoy Stuart’s webpage here: —really,  it is worth the time.

Martial Secrets 035

Boys recess, or how to save the world. The Scientific Method and how you might want to use it in your own training.  Swimming Pool Noodles, and Ouch! Bicycle Lock to the Head.


Loren began his martial arts training in 1965 and over the years he has earned 10 black belts, 7 in karate, 2 in jujitsu, 1 in Arnis. As an author of some 50  books, Christensen has received high praise for his easy-to-read, informative writing style.   Lawrence and Kris talk with Loren about his latest book – his first fiction called Dukkha, plus his other books, martial arts experiences, and advice for the martial artist.  Contact Loren here:


Mark Woods – Special Edition of Martial Secrets


British Adventurer Mark Woods talks with interviewer Stuart Williams about Mark’s walk to the South Pole and back — solo and unaided. There is a lot of talk these day about warrior this, and warrior that, listen to the way Mark Woods approaches his world and tell me – warrior?

And a big thanks to Stuart Williams for making this interview available, an aces man always willing to share. Be sure and check out Stuart’s work at: Stuart Williams

Martial Secrets Audio Blog – Red Pen

Editing others work, or martial art.  What is productive editing and what is not.

Martial Secrets 034

Boxers, Guns, and Broken thighs – Oh my! ( you know sung to the tune from The Wizard of Oz?) and we are adding in honor of The Avengers movie – Captain Abs! Enjoy. with Eric Parsons

A chat with Eric Parsons on the Foundation. Karate, Judo, Felix, Uganda, The Peace Corps, and how his wife Sarah beats him black and blue — well sort of.

Martial Secrets 033

Gregg’s Chicken Bake, Finding a path –and keeping the path. Always be glad, and Lawrence Kane stars in “Laser Dot!”

Zeeke Says!


Zeeke basically considers himself eight, has trained in karate since he was three or four, likes planes, karate gear, and has developed a new technology!

Martial Secrets 032

Competition, The true nature of people, Guns and how to choose a fire arm – part one of many no doubt, and “All these people do karate?” Yes, as a matter of fact — they do.

What it takes to be a bad ass. Illusions of power. Who is ripping you off. Charles Manson. Feeling good? What is a lie? Plus other stuff n’ junk.

Marc "Animal" MacYoung

Taking a 30 thousand foot view of Power and Force Marc covers the difference between the two. Which one is stronger and which one is sustainable. Henry The VIII, Bad McDonald’s behavior. Also which window you may choose to throw people out.

Martial Secrets Audio Blog – Yoga in a box

Yoga, or martial arts in a box and all the promises that are within.

Martial Secrets 031

Good Samaritan dies, Cheapest speed bag — ever, Dante’s inferno or Safeway card making all the difference.

Bob Orlando

Creative, dedicated, pleasant and all around nice guy, Bob puts off a nice vibe. Bob breaks the mold when it comes to austere, or strict teaching – the smiley faces on the heavy bags could be your first clue!  Listen as this retired Marine takes you piece by piece through the what and why not of what he does.

Martial Secrets 030

Pencils, Stress – avoidance, and management. Response and Action. Publishing!  The self version.

Gary Swain, Sensei

Gary Swain, Sensei

Gary Swain is a Shotokan practitioner from Colorado. This man has a laser like focus on what he teaches, how he teaches and his vision of the world. He doesn’t know how to spell equivocation, let alone vacillation.


Neil Adams – Special Edition of Martial Secrets


Neil Adams has a life built in and around Judo. European Championships, Olympic Silver Medals (Twice) and many, many more Gold, Sliver and Bronze medals. Stuart Williams, from, talks with Neil Adams about competition on a world level, being a marked competitor, and how little separation there is at the world level of competition.


Martial Secrets 029

Desitin and the sting of the Gi rash. Testing and Teaching. The Photo Growl, The Penskie File and Wing Chun Kung-Fu.

Martial Secrets 028


Waking up evil, Worst Idea Ever! Micro Fractures, the keys to winning the fight? Really stupid people demonstrating how much pain you can take — at least until it kicks in.

Martial Secrets 027

Craig Ferguson and Brittney Spears…or how being nice cost you nothing. Five minute Tattoos. Be yourself when you are teaching – with your faults and all. “Hey, you better watch it, he’s a black belt!”

Martial Secrets 026

Seven years of bad luck, focusing on the failure, Knights! With stories of really dumb actions by not the brightest people in the world involving black eyes, rubber knives, and a gun…good grief.

Martial Secrets 025

Lending your name, books, publishing, editing, and that whole sorted thing. Guns and the movies, Locking a black belt in a bathroom. All of this and… a little bit more, on this episode of

Swords, and swords, plus a Reverend, and did I say swords?  Ron Holloway came to the arts later in life, but he has been around a long time. With that he has a unique view of the world, clear and pleasantly firm in his statements of what he knows to be true.  And Ron gives off a nice vibe when you sit with him, pleasant and confident. Enjoy.

Tristan Sutrisno

Tristan Sutrisno has a long history in the martial arts. Pleasant, quick to smile, and just a considerate man. Tristan learned his art the old way –handed down within the family. Further, Tristan has been places many of us never will be and never care to be, so when he says something you should listen.  Tristan is as solid as Sears. Enjoy his take on the world and martial arts. Oh yeah, his book: Becoming a Complete Martial Artist is available on

Melissa takes the listeners through a set-up for a mugging that her and her husband experienced. Listen as Melissa tells the story and Lawrence does the post incident breakdown.

Martial Secrets 024

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon. The Style Hunter, Mr. Shiko Dachi and Mrs. Naihanchin Dachi, and the ever popular – Tales of the the Stupid.

Bully Biff and Marty

Bullies, bullies, bullies, self-esteem. Kids in the martial arts, more bullies. What is a good age to start martial arts training, benefits, paths, honor and “No!” meaning no.


Michael Johnson

A Senior Instructor with Dueling Arts International as well as a Fight Director, a  Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) Michael is trained in TKD, JKD, and the Filipino arts. In our conversation Michael demonstrates how Romeo and Juliet explain social violence. Shares a couple of thoughts on good movie fights—and bad ones as well. Deep, pleasant and a real nice guy. You are going to like Michael.

Martial Secrets 023

Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder ruminate on such subjects as 62 & 38, My local Lance Armstrong, What Cha’ Readin’ and Bio Hulu, or Audie Murphy defining a real warrior.

Martial Secrets Audio Blog – Martial Info

Back in the day….yeah training was different, but the information in quality, and also in quantity, was different.

Geoff Thompson

Geoff worked a decade as a nightclub bouncer, and a pile of really bad jobs.  However sure that life had more to offer he took his skills and put them to work as a martial arts instructor, to paper as a writer, and much more. His book, “Watch My Back.” has become a martial arts classic. Listen as interviewer Stuart Williams weaves great questions that get profound answers.


Krav Maga Certified, Former Newspaper Reporter, and Cop.  You are going to like John Lupo.   He passes my neighbor test; “Would I want _____ as my neighbor.”  The answer for John is, “Heck yes, I’ll help him move in!”  Also an apology to John, and you the listener, for losing the last ten minutes of the interview resulting in an abrupt end. Retrieving the last audio was not possible.


Lawrence Kane talks with KLAY radio, The Street Wise Forum show, about the new book with Kris Wilder called; How To Win A Fight. + Street Vigilantes…a super hero? and other aspects of violence and society.